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Color correcting and or lightening

of existing permanent makeup is sometimes needed when a procedure has faded to an undesirable color or applied too dark, or just poorly placed in the intitial application.


Correcting permanent makeup takes an experienced hand.

A qualified artist will help you determine

which is right for your situation.

A plan of action should be discussed

so you can know what to expect.

With correct color choice, design and technique, undesirable results can be avoided.




When consulting about having a correction done by Elizabeth,

please understand that maintenance or corrective work over another technician's original work can be

as involved as starting over.

Together we will discuss your options,

and your visits will be

charged accordingly per visit. 
It can take anywhere from one to three visits over a period of months

to obtain a desirable result

depending on what method is appropriate.

Unfortunately, 40% of my work is corrections.

This is why it is so important to choose a talented, skilled, and experienced artist.

Permanent makeup should

go on beautifully the first time.

I have gained the knowledge and experience needed to correct just about

any color and shape.


If your makeup is beyond correctable

by these techniques

you may be referred to a laser clinic.


If you have had permanent makeup done

that you are dissatisfied with

please call me for a free consultation.


Aside from the before and after pictures

on my website,

I keep an extensive portfolio showing many different examples of the procedures I perform.

Cosmetic Ink Permanent Makeup located San Diego, CA, specializes in natural looking cosmetic tattooing, with an attention to detail and superb customer service.


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