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Cosmetic Ink Permanent Makeup located San Diego, CA, specializes in natural looking cosmetic tattooing, with an attention to detail and superb customer service.

Permanent makeup is cosmetic tattooing, and very specialized form of tattooing.


There are many  marketing terms out there like micro-pigmentation and semi-permanent, and they all mean the same thing, 'the tattooing of makeup'.


Tattooing is the art and science of implanting pigment through the epidermal layer of the skin into the upper dermal layer of the skin.  The epidermis is the outer layer of skin that is visible to all and is constantly shedding and renewing itself.  Due to the fact the pigment was placed into the epidermis and the upper dermal layer, the color we have chosen for you will appear a bit darker than the healed and final result.  When the color in the epidermis sheds you will see a lighter softer version of the pigment through a thin veil of healed skin.


Yes, if your artist is following proper guidelines.  It is your responsibility to yourself to do your homework and ask questions. The same strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines followed by Nurses, Doctors and Hospitals are followed by myself, and are in accordance with San Diego County Health Department as well as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  This includes; brand new single use sterile needles which are properly disposed of after each client, the use of an autoclave which is tested periodically to insure proper sterilization, all machine parts are either disposable or sterilized after each client, gloves are new and clean for each client and changed during the procedure as needed, a new bed sheet for each client that is disposed of properly after each procedure, a new and clean disposable apron is worn by myself and disposed of after each client, as well as many other precautions to insure my clients safety as well as my own.


The possibility that you would have any allergies, reactions, or complications from these procedures or pigments is extremely rare, almost non-existent, especially with todays health standard.  It is however important for you to follow all aftercare instructions.  I provide an after care kit for each client which includes your ointment and instructions.


All of the pigments and ink I use are manufactured under strict sterile conditions and are labeled  with a complete a ingredient list

I have achieved numerous certificates in blood born pathogens and cross-contamination prevention, as well as artistry, technique, color and design.

I am also a member in good standing of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). The SPCP is an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting safety, excellence, and professional standards by providing education, certification, and industry guidelines. As a member I have hours of training and certifications that must be met yearly.

Cosmetic Ink Permanent Makeup located San Diego, CA, specializes in natural looking cosmetic tattooing, with an attention to detail and superb customer service.

Once again, this is where the skill of the technician is very important and not only can but will make all the difference.  With the topical anesthetics available to us today, discomfort is very minimal and works for most, however; there are some people with a very low pain tolerance and just applying a topical anesthetic doesnt quite work for them.  For this reason, I have spent much of my time training on how to properly anesthetize the skin and have learned the tricks of the trade.  These are the little things that make all the difference and are not known to a technician unless they are out there diligently training and have a few years in the saddle.  Even my full lip clients are absolutely amazed on how comfortable it is!




Permanent makeup is performed by any one of the following devices; the coil machine, the rotary, the digital, and the manual method (tap method).  All four devices can produce the same beautiful result.  With a trained and skilled technician, one device (or machine) does not hurt any more or any less then the other.  It is not the device/machine; that affects the result - it is without question the artist behind the machine/device.  Which ever device a technician chooses to work with, they should learn it until they know it intimately and it has become an extension of their hand.


I have trained and have performed all procedures using all the different devices over the years and have a great respect for them all.  Every artist must choose a tool and my personal choice is the coil and rotary machine.  I love the coil machine because it offers such a wide range of needle groupings that are just not available with the other devices. It is these groupings that help me to achieve the smudgy eyeliners and the soft powdery eyebrows. 


Eyebrows, eyeliner, and lipliner will generally take an hour and a half to complete.  A full lip procedure can take up to two and a half hours.  Keep in mind this includes approximately twenty minutes to fully anesthetize the area.



All color fades and that is just a fact.  The color our hairstylist uses for our highlights fade, the paint on our cars fade and at a much faster rate if a car is left outside compared to a car that is parked in the garage, even the professional and industrial paint used on our homes fade in time. Everything has a life span and nothing lasts forever.  The expensive fillers millions of people are using like Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm, although they wonderfully get rid of lines and creases which in turn make us look younger, wear off and must be re-applied every three to six months on average. We even see our manicurist every two to four weeks.  Everything fades or degrades with time.  Permanent Makeup, however, lasts longer than most other beauty/cosmetic procedures while comparably priced.  Permanent makeup will last years for some and others will need to refresh their color annually.  It is my experience that although some will need to refresh their color annually it will last much longer for most.  All permanent makeup fades due to the exfoliation process, this is the process of the epidermis continually shedding and regenerating itself. Permanent makeup will last longer for some and not as long for others due most importantly to lifestyle, health, and skin type.  Some contributing factors that will accelerate fading are: sun exposure, using products that promote cell regeneration (Retin-A, Renova, Glycolics and Alpha Hydroxy Acids), extra oily skin which regenerates more rapidly, unhealthy skin, medications, and smoking.




Pigment and ink are different and it is pigment that it is primarily used in permanent cosmetics.  This is why we use pigments, because we want our eyebrows to look natural. We prefer the soft blondes, the beautiful shades of brown, and taupes for our eyebrows.  Some like black for their eyeliners but others prefer the black/browns, charcoal, or the medium and even soft browns.  To achieve these beautiful colors we are using pigments formulated specifically for the face.  There are many manufacturers of permanent makeup pigments and alot of mis-information about them.  Some list their ingredients, others will not, even when requested by an artist. I have tried just about every line available early on and have my tried and true manufacturers that I can depend on.




The fees for permanent make-up vary between the technicians from extremely low to very expensive.  Be very careful of extremely low fees.  You absolutely get what you pay for in this business and it will show.  Those that are good and do great work are charging for their talent, skill, training, and education.  Those who are not skilled and talented are making their living off those of you who are price shopping. This does not mean the most expensive is the best choice either.  Look, I fix a lot of work and see a lot of things that just breaks my heart.  My advice to you is to ask the right questions and look at the artists portfolio.  The portfolio should be extensive and impressive.  Ask about training and education and ask to see their certificates.

Cosmetic Ink Permanent Makeup located San Diego, CA, specializes in natural looking cosmetic tattooing, with an attention to detail and superb customer service.

A touch-up is an appointment that is needed most of the time to complete the procedure process.  The touch-up appointment is a fine tuning session to make any adjustments that may be needed or desired to the shape, fullness, and color and to go over any areas that may not have taken well the first time. Almost always the color implanted is not perfect the first time when healed that is why permanent makeup is almost always a two or more step process.  My personal experience is that most will require one touch-up, whereas some will require a second touch-up appointment.  Once in a great while I will have a client where everything healed just perfectly and a touch-up is not needed at all, rare, but it does happen. It is my opinion everyone should utilize that touch-up appointment, even if everything appears perfect.  A second coat will give your procedure depth and longer life.  We put a second coat on our nails and on our walls.  Everything looks better and lasts longer with a second coat, so will your eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips.  I love touch-up appointments.  This is where I get to look at my work and add the finishing touches to make what already looks great even better.


Yes. I believe you end up paying for your touch-up appointments almost always whether you realize it or not.  It used to be the norm to include the touch-up appointment but since permanent makeup has become so popular and mainstream, pigments, supplies, insurance, permits, training etc. has become so expensive for us and just keeps going up.  When Botox first came out, if your doctor or nurse didn't use enough product to stop the movement, your touch-up was free. Not anymore.  If it doesn't work well enough for you the first time guess what?  Your touch-up is no longer free and a small fee is assessed for the touch-up to cover the cost of the additional product needed.  It is the same with any of the fillers, photo facials, hair removal, laser treatments, and most of the cosmetic treatments today.  It is just too expensive to offer anything for free. Some technicians are raising the prices of their procedures and giving you a free touch-up included in that higher price, while others are keeping the procedure prices lower and charging a small set up fee for the touch-up appointment.  This small set up fee covers the cost of the materials being used to perform the touch-up.  Be very cautious of extremely low fees and offers that state free touch-ups for life (or an extended amount of time). You get what you pay for and it will show.




If you have made the decision and the initial investment to have permanent makeup done, then you will need periodic maintenance appointments in order to keep your eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips looking great.  This is called a color refresher.  As talked about before all color fades and needs to be refreshed.  A refresher appointment is usually needed every 1-4 years depending on the area, after the completion of the initial procedure and/or any touch-up appointment(s) that may have been needed to complete the process.  About twenty percent of my clients require or desire annual maintenance appointments, for most, it will be much longer. Occasionally you will need a touch-up after a color refresher. The same things that dictate this applies to color refreshers. There is a minimal tray fee.




Yes. This fee will vary among technicians. Some are charging the full amount all over again, but most and the standard in the industry, is to charge a lower discounted maintenance fee.




Everyone and anyone who can identify with one any one of the following:


  • Poor vision or just cant see well to apply your makeup anymore.

  • Allergies to topical makeup or skin sensitivities.

  • People who wear contact lenses.

  • An unsteady hand or poor motor skills due to Parkinsons disease, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, or stroke survivors.

  • Loss of hair due to thinning or scars.

  • People with busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules who want to look their best all day long with out having to stop, check, and re-apply their makeup due to smudging or smearing. Those of you whom after a busy day want to look great for your evening without having to do a thing.

  • People who enjoy activities like working out at the gym, yoga, swimming, boating, hiking, biking, tennis, camping, etc., that are concerned with their eyebrows or makeup coming off. Some people even avoid activities such as these because of that concern. Through permanent makeup, I can give you the personal freedom you need to go do the activities you enjoy and look great doing it.

  • People who have albinism. The difference color and definition can make with permanent makeup is remarkable.

  • People suffering from Trichotillomania. I have found this disorder to be prevalent mostly in young to middle-aged women. To those of you who struggle with this disorder, I can help you. I know at times it is worse then at other times. With permanent makeup, even during those stressful times, your eyebrows and lash line can look natural and defined. Just knowing your eyebrows and lash line are going to be there despite what you may be going through will give you a great sense of peace and make life a whole lot easier.

  • Women who have had reconstruction breast surgery and now want their areolas tattooed. Woman who have had breast augmentation or a breast lift and were left with scars around their areolas. Woman who suffer from mastitis. Areolas can be tattooed on beautifully and artistically. They can look very real and virtually impossible to tell the difference. 

  • Permanent makeup can help many different people on many different levels or it can simply give you a few extra minutes in the morning (for some of you...many extra minutes in the morning). For some, I am making a real difference and changing lives and for others it is a luxury and a matter of convenience. No matter what your reason for choosing permanent makeup, I will make sure it is one of the best decisions you have ever made for yourself.




Yes. Unfortunately 30% of my work is corrections. This is why it is so important to choose a talented, skilled, and experienced artist. I have gained the knowledge and experience needed to correct any color and shape. If you have had permanent makeup done that you are dissatisfied with please call me for a free consultation.



Yes, I do. Aside from the before and after pictures on my website I keep an extensive portfolio showing many different examples of the procedures I perform.  Every permanent makeup artist should have a portfolio, this is our resume.




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