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Why not Microblading?


Consumer beware:  Microblading is not all that is seems.

**Because of the multitude of consumer complaints, the governing boards are now scrutinizing the act of Microblading and in some counties have become illegal to perform. Microblading's popularity had flourished because of Social Media. The results and consequences of bad choices and bad training are now being seen.

The hype of 'realistic hair-strokes', 'semi-permanent' or 'its not permanent makeup' are all are marketing terms to bring in the unsuspecting customer.  


What about those photos you see on the internet?

Unless the artist has posted a freshly tattooed Microbladed eyebrow and a healed example of the same eyebrow, as well as dozens of additional healed examples; then what they are displaying in their portfolio is fresh work.  Posting fresh work is grossly misleading.  All hair-stroke eyebrows (whether it is done manually, or with a machine) will look quite different once they have healed in the skin.   I have many clients requesting Microblading who often don't fully understand what is involved in the process or what they are truly asking for.


Because of the spike in Microblading popularity; many people have learned the process over a 2 day course, and have no prior background in Cosmetic Tattooing, and simply do not have any proper formal training that would cover the the full spectrum of Cosmetic Tattooing. This lack of training and knowledge, unfortunately accounts for a flood of clients, who come to me to either repair or remove the poor quality Microblading work, which they have received from an unqualified person - and poorly done Microblading is harder to remove or repair!


For more information, please review the Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals website, which explains their position on the importance of proper training in regards to Microblading. For further regulatory reading Click here:

Cosmetic Ink Permanent Makeup located San Diego, CA, specializes in natural looking cosmetic tattooing, with an attention to detail and superb customer service.
Cosmetic Ink Permanent Makeup located San Diego, CA, specializes in natural looking cosmetic tattooing, with an attention to detail and superb customer service.
Can Microblading look good?



On everyone?

Absolutely not!  The most important question is "should we be using this technique" ?


The consensus among many seasoned Cosmetic Tattoo Professionals, including myself; is NO.  Ask any wound specialist about how the body responds to a 'slice' opposed to a 'puncture' and they will tell you that a slice will cause scar tissue.


Will scar tissue occur right away?

Yes, it could, and I've seen horrendous results.  Even in the hands of an accomplished artist you will still see signs of scarring.  So this brings the question of "how many times can this small area take touch ups over the years before the skin is compromised" 


Permanent makeup is an investment, and in my case; it is a long term relationship with my clients.  My #1 priority, at all times, is what is in my client's best interest.


People, please do your homework!  Especially if your choosing an artist who only does Microblading (this should be an immediate red-flag). I strongly advise against this technique. In Europe the fad has long past and any respectable artist does not offer this service. There are many beautiful and natural alternatives.

If you are still not convinced then ask to see dozens of healed results.  Look at a fresh eyebrows and a healed eyebrows.  Yes, it can be expected that these people will only post their best work, but seeing both before and after (healed results) you will have a better idea of what an "ideal" Microbladed eyebrow will look like. 

To find out if your a good candidate for Hairstrokes, please look to my FAQ page Contraindications for Hairstroke Eyebrows.

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